The main diving sites in Burma are in the region of the Mergui, or Myeik Archipelago. This comprises a group of more than 800 islands of varying size in the Andaman Sea off the Tenasserim coast of southeastern Burma. The island cluster starts at Mali Kyun (Tavoy Island) in the north and includes:

  • The_Myeik_ArchipelagoKadan (King)
  • Thayawthadangyi (Elphinstone)
  • Daung (Ross)
  • Saganthit (Sellore)
  • Bentinck
  • Letsok-aw (Domel)
  • Kanmaw (Kisseraing)
  • Zadetkyi (St. Matthew’s)

Mountainous and jungle-covered, the islands of the archipelago are well known for their scenic beauty with rainforest, mangrove swamps and thick tropical growth. The islands’ chief inhabitants are the Selungs, or Salons.

The Burmese diving season begins in October and ends in April.  The remote waters around the islands hold a variety of flora and fauna and extensive coral reefs, making it a sought after and as yet little explored destination for diving.

Our tours provide dive boats with experienced and skilled crew, with full facilities on board.

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