Kalaw Trekking

Kalaw is situated in the Southern Shan State approximately 7 km from Taunggyi.  It was a former hill station of the English in the colonial period.  There are a number of villages around Kalaw in which various hill tribes can be found, such as Pa o, Palaung, Taungyo and Danu.

Using Kalaw as a starting point there are a variety of different treks which can be taken.

  • Tk.1 Kalaw – Taryaw (1 day trip)
  • Tk.2 Kalaw –  Hti Thein – Inle (2 days/1 night)
  • Tk.3 Kalaw – Painnapin (1 day trip)

Kyaingtone Trekking

Kyaingtone is situated near the Golden Triangle in the eastern Shan-State.  The area contains numerous charming villages in which it is possible for visitors to view natural scenes of everyday life.  The village populations have a very interesting culture and believe in Animist gods such as Aka, Lahu and Enn.


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