Inle Lake

Inle LakeA beautiful freshwaster lake 875m above sea level, Lake Inle is 22km long and 11 km wide and surrounded by stunning mountain ranges. It is famed for the floating islands on which inthas cultivate their plants and vegetables, and its local fishing boats propelled by a unique leg-rowing method.  The lakeside villages make their living from the silk weaving industry, silversmithing and other traditional crafts, making the lake one of the most attractive visitor destinations in Burma.


destination-ywarmaYwama is the largest of the lakeside villages, famous for its floating market, teak houses and bamboo walkways; the village is very picturesque and well worth a visit.

Phaung Daw Oo Paya

Phaung Daw Oo PayaPhaung Daw Oo is a Shrine of Buddha and the most famous Buddha shrine of the southern Shan State, it contains five Buddha Images. The original decoration has long been covered over due to the gold leaf that the devout Buddhists gild daily. Every year in September or October there is a festival of Phaung Daw Oo Paya, during which devotees carry four Buddha Images to the villages around the lake with huge Hinthaboat (mythical bird) in procession.

Mine Thauk market

This is an extremely large and bustling market with a really local atmosphere, and where variety of products local to the lake can be purchased.

Nga Phe Chaung Monastery

Situated to the north of Ywama village, this monastery was built 4 years earlier than Mandalay Palace and is made of teak wood and built on stilts. The monks used to train their cats to jump through a small hoop, hence the name “Jumping Cat Monastery”. Nga Phe Chaung is also noted for its complete collection of Buddha Images in Shan, Tibet, Bagan, and Inwa styles.


Indein is a small village on the western bank of Inle Lake, through which visitors can reach a stairway ascending to a shrine at the top of a hill. Surrounding the shrine are many stupas, many of them standing ruined among the bushes.



TaunggyiStanding over 143 above sea level, Taunggyi hill station is the capital of southern Shan State and cool and pleasant all year round.  The journey between Taunggyi and the Inle area takes around an hour via the mountain road. The most famous festival of Tunggyi is the hot air balloon festival which is held in November every year.


KakkuKakku lies 4km to the south of Taunggyi in the region of Pa-o, one of 135 ethnic groups of Burma.  The pagoda in Kakku contains hundreds of stupas, mostly around 3m to 4m high and standing in a line. The stupas are a mix of Pa-o, Shan and Barma styles and made using brick. The local people believe that King Asoka sent a missionary to this region to extend the popularity of Buddhism.


Another hill station in Shan State, 14 meters above sea level.  Visitors here get a real sense of the its colonial influences and its a great starting point for trekking and for visiting Inle Lake.


PindayaThe limestone caves at Pindaya, containing thousands of images of Buddha are well worth a visit.  This small town of ethnic Danu is about 45 km away from Kalaw.


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