MawlamyineThe capital of Mon-state and the fourth biggest city in Burma, Mawlamyine is situated at the gulf of Mottama, 45km from the sea.  Popular places to visit in Mawlamyine are the Kyaikthanlan pagoda, Uzena Pagoda and the monastery of Queen Seindone.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

Kyaikhtiyo PagodaOne of the wonders of Burma is Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, sited on a huge  gilded rock and hence known as the Golden Rock pagoda. The Golden Rock is a well known pilgrimage site in Burma and is precariously balanced at the top of a cliff standing 1,100m above the sea.  An original hair of Buddha was enshrined inside the Golden Rock.  The Pagoda is around 210km from Yangon.

Around Mawlamyine

MawlamyineThere are a whole variety of interesting places around Mawlamyine, such as Thanphuzayat, 34km away, the Allied War Memorial Cemetery and Kyaikkhami pagoda.

Dawei, Myeik and Tanintharyi are other well known towns and visitor destinations on the Taninthayi Coast.

Hpa-an Kayin Hpa-an

It is the capital of Kayin State and generally the locals are Kayins. Around Hpa-an, visitors can take excursions to Mt Zwegabin, Saddan Cave, Kawgun Cave and Kyauk Kalap (a tall finger of sheer of rock) .


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