SittweOn the Western coast of Burma, Sittwe is a harbour and the capital city of Rakhine State.  Its name means “the place where the war meets” and the city was originally a small fishing village.  Many of the locals remain fishermen today and most inhabitants are of the Rakhine people and speak a dialect of Burmese.  Visitors to Sittwe can enjoy old colonial buildings, the fish market, Rakhine museum, Pyilonechanthar pagoda and pharos.

Mrauk U

Mrauk UFounded by King Min Saw Mon in 143 AD, Mrauk U is the most famous and the last capital of Rakhine Kingdom from 143 to 1784. Mrauk U reached the peak of its importance during the reign of King Min Bin (1531-1553).  The town is located 8 km north of Sittwe and easily reachable by boat along the Kaladan river.  Mrauk U is a town of great archeological importance and contains a variety of interesting temples and monuments.

Shittaung Temple

Shittaung-TempleThe largest and most famous temple in Mrauk-U, Shittaung Temple was built by king Min bin in 1535. Shittaung means temple of the 80,000 Buddha figures, and visitors are able to walk inside the temple and view the sculptures within.


The meaning of Dukkanthein is “cross beam ordination hall”, it was built by king Minphalaung in 1571 AD and is built on raised ground.

Mrauk UKothaung Temple

It was built by King Minbin’s son, Mintaikkha, in 1553. He copied his fathers temple Sittaung and gave it the name Kothaung, meaning the shrine of 90,000 images. It was damaged in 1776 by an earthquake and was subsequently renovated in 1997.


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